Middletown, Ohio is a sleepy little post war town.  It has that certain “Sandlot” characteristic that you can imagine the street league baseball team gathering while the younger siblings rode their bikes and tricycles up and down the streets.  It’s there that you can find my wife’s grandparents, Tom & Dot.  Also lovingly referred to as Ma & Pa. Tom & Dot were married just before Tom left to join the fight as an infantryman in Europe during World War II.  Dot did her part in the war effort and worked in a bomb factory.  Once the war was over, they started their lives together and have since been married for 69 years.  Now, the live in their modest house in Middletown where Tom cares for Dot in all ways that he can.  But you will never hear him complain and you will mostly only see smiles from the both of them.  These photos were snapped during the joint birthday party, celebrating Tom’s 90th and Dot’s 85th.


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