My grandfather, Alan Harris, has been cartooning longer than I can remember.  He draws original characters, classic cars, and retro scenes straight from the 1940s.  He is very talented and has a style that is unique to him.  He sketches tirelessly all day long but has yet to be published.  To my family however, he is a hero.  He has had a rough life, becoming the sole bread winner for his family at a very young age when both of his parents passed.  His first amongst many very laborious jobs was a caretaker at a cemetery as an 8th grader, which was his last year in school.  Mowing lawns and digging graves at 12 years old, he worked for his family as hard as he could and continued that until he retired.  Now he sits every day for countless hours creating his cartoons.  If you are so lucky to get to chat with him about his art, you can tell just how passionate he is about it, regardless of being published or not.  He experiments with new techniques often, and constantly tells me about new drawings and skills he has developed.  He also, given the chance, will tell you about the entire cartooning business as he sees it and about his newspaper roots in Bradford, Pennsylvania.




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